Book reviews

Below I post short reviews of books that I have read. For some books, I have written a summary that is linked from the review.

The Comfort Crisis

Auteur: Michael Easter
Waardering: 5 van de 5

When a book has positively changed my life in any way, I give it 5 stars. The same goes for Comfort Crisis. I have started looking at my diet differently, taken up rucking (walking with a heavy backpack), leave my phone in my pocket more often, and accept that it's okay to be uncomfortable at times.

Michael Easter (the author) alternates between the account of his 33-day hunt for a caribou in the wilderness with passages showing that science has proven that being uncomfortable at times can lead to a better life. Although I found the latter passages more engaging, the story of his 'misogi' (a challenging task that artificially mimics the life of early humans) was never boring.

Attention Span

Auteur: Gloria Mark
Waardering: 4 van de 5

An extensive exposition on what attention is and how to handle it carefully in the digital age. Sometimes the book delves a bit too deeply into the research conducted by Mark, but they all illustrate a clear point: the way we manage our attention needs to change. For example, stop multitasking but do not deprive yourself of moments of rest. These are important to replenish your attention supply. Mark does not provide a list of practical tips. You have to distill these yourself. Despite that, it's a book that has made me think and has led me to work differently, making me more in sync with my attention span.

Your Music and People

Auteur: Derek Sivers
Waardering: 5 van de 5

Sivers, who has been active in the music industry for years, gives tips on how musicians can break through, but his advice is applicable to anyone engaged in creative pursuits seeking a larger audience. Despite being a small book (less than 80 pages), I had to put it down a few times. Not because it was bad, but because Sivers doesn't beat around the bush. His advice is clear, concise, and focused. That's why I needed some time each time to process and absorb it. I think I've highlighted about 30% of the entire book, so that indicates why it deserves this appreciation.

Pirates in the Navy

Auteur: Tendayi Viki
Waardering: 4 van de 5

A short book on how to bring about innovative changes within large and bureaucratic organizations. This is currently relevant to me as I work within a government organization and am trying to initiate change. Tendayi Viki provides practical tips on how to achieve this, although it remains somewhat abstract. Nevertheless, in this 130-page book, I have marked 55 passages and made 21 notes on things I want to implement immediately. Highly recommended for anyone looking to innovate within a large company.