The best of 2023

Just like last year, a list of things that have occupied me in 2023 or that I have (re)discovered this year.
Robert Roose
By Robert Roose

The best of 2023


Good Inside

Although I am only halfway through the book at the time of writing, I already find it good enough to recommend it here. As a parent of two children (ages 4 and 6), I am always looking for the best way to parent. This book by Dr. Becky revisits many things I have read before, with practical tips and applicable methods.

The core of the book is that you must realize that your child is naturally good inside (Good Inside) despite sometimes exhibiting behavior you'd rather not see. The undesirable behavior thus stems from a deeper underlying problem. Why does my child behave this way when I know they are inherently good? According to this book, my task as a parent is to uncover and acknowledge this hidden problem.

Discipline is Destiny

I try to read each book Ryan Holiday releases as soon as possible. His combination of Stoic life lessons through biographical events of historical figures is enjoyable to read. The entire book revolves around having (or developing) discipline. While it may seem like you have to give up a lot (like not constantly being on your phone), it actually gives you freedom. Freedom to do other things that are more important.

TV Series

The Bear

In 2023, the second season of this series was aired. It's about a chef who takes over the local sandwich shop from his deceased brother. What stands out in this series is that the episodes are relatively short, averaging about 30 minutes. It's raw, fast-paced, but takes enough time to develop the characters. Especially episode 7 of the second season (Fishes), a flashback to a Christmas dinner, is memorable for the constant tension at the dining table.

Welcome to Wrexham

This year also saw the second season of this docuseries, where Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney buy a nearly defunct Welsh football club. With a combination of match footage and behind-the-scenes glimpses, the viewer is guided through Wrexham's previous football season. Will Wrexham finally get promoted and rise to where they belong? If you don't know the outcome yet, don't peek at last year's results as it removes some of the suspense.

Band of Brothers

When Band of Brothers first aired in 2000, I watched every episode. After 23 years, I thought it was time to rewatch it. Despite the hundreds of thousands of other series released in those 23 years, this remains one of the best. Especially episode 9 (Why We Fight), where a patrol discovers a concentration camp, remains impressive.


Like in 2022, I didn't watch many movies in 2023, but I'm currently watching a series of documentary films that I want to mention. This is the 7 Up series, where they interview fourteen 7-year-old children starting from 1964. It's funny, but not very remarkable. Except that the same children are interviewed every seven years. It's fascinating to watch the children, from different social classes, grow up. But also how the zeitgeist changes, yet some things always remain the same.

I am currently watching the fourth film, where the interviewees are 28 years old, and I can't wait to see the rest.


My top 5 most played songs of the past year (according to Spotify Wrapped):

  1. How to make a million - Gold Spectacles
  2. Slip Away - Dan Croll
  3. Thanks for Sticking Around - On Planets, Blue Wednesday
  4. MORE LOVE - Moderat
  5. Hit Your Limit - Dan Croll

Two albums that stood out for me:

Blur - The Ballad of Darren

I've always been a big fan of Blur. 15 years ago, I was even an admin on the Blur fan forum, but I've lost track of them in recent years. With this album, they're back on my radar. Especially the song 'The Narcissist' is melodically well-constructed, as we've come to expect from frontman Damon Albarn.

Dan Croll - Grand Plan

An album full of beautiful songs. Since all the tracks are recorded with talented and experienced musicians, the sounds are pure. There are no synthesizers or digital effects used to mask poor songwriting.

What kept you busy in 2023? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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