Create > Learn > Consume

I always try to create something first, then learn something, and finally consume something. In this blog, I'll delve deeper into how and why I apply these principles.
Robert Roose
Door Robert Roose

Create > Learn > Consume

How Does It Work?

1 Create

As soon as I have time to do something, like the start of my workday or during my free time, I force myself to create something. For example, I might write a blog or come up with a melody to go with chords. Most of the day, I want to be engaged in creating – bringing something into the world that wasn't there before.

2 Learn

To support the creative process, it's important to learn new things. So, when I'm not creating, perhaps due to a lack of inspiration or because I'm not able to, like when I'm cycling, I want to learn something. This could be reading a book or an article, or listening to an informative podcast.

3 Consume

I also understand the need for relaxation, so I give myself space to consume as well. This can be a reward, like reading the latest football news, after creating or learning. But even more, I prefer to consume something that I can learn from, like a documentary or listening to a music album.

Why Do I Do This?

  1. Because this keeps me productive throughout the day. For example, if I start the day by reading emails, I notice the opposite (also read Never Check Email in the Morning).
  2. I find it important to contribute something to the world. What I've learned, I can share with others in a blog. It's not about reaching a million people. The thought that I might help even one person with a blog about an obscure Drupal issue gives me satisfaction.
  3. I feel good and useful when I'm creating things. I don't know if it's an idiosyncrasy, but if I watch TV or game all day, I become profoundly unhappy.

How Do I Apply This?

By starting with creation in every moment I have, like the beginning of my workday or an hour of free time.

Since I don't always have inspiration, I make sure I have to-do's that guide me. These are small, bite-sized chunks that kickstart the creation process, such as:

  1. Create a rough version of a blog about a simple reservation system for Drupal
  2. Brainstorm 3 new ideas for blogs (I can repeat this daily, for instance)
  3. Come up with a melody for the bridge of a song I'm working on

If the to-do's are too big, like writing a blog or composing a song, it doesn't work. I need to be able to check them off easily to feel a sense of progress.

Note to Self

This blog is mainly intended for myself. I know that following these principles works best for me, but I tend to forget at times. I can then refer back to what I've written here.

Hopefully, you find it helpful too. Let me know by leaving a comment.

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