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Even with the nuance bit that you've added here ("if the Custom Code costs more than a third of the total price of your Drupal website, there might be something askew making you reconsider."), I think this misses the point about what makes Drupal so great.

Drupal is deliberately well-positioned for "ambitious digital experiences". i.e. the kind where extending Drupal's inherent abilities is often essential, e.g. for integrating with other services, making all manner of bespoke alterations, etc.

So I actually see this completely the other way around. If your site can be easily made *without* custom code, perhaps a simpler solution like Wordpress, Wix, etc may be a better/cheaper fit. Drupal really comes into its own for projects that *need* heavy amounts of customisation.

Of course, any such custom code needs to be done in a sustainable way, such as properly leveraging Drupal APIs, coding standards, and being well architected. So I would happily say that *bad* and/or *unnecessary* custom code should certainly be avoided.

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